Featured Speakers:

Piet Van Rooij
Manager, Design and Proposal - Offshore and Transport
Damen Shipyards Group
Rear Admiral Charlie Williams
Commander, Logistics Group, Western Pacific Command
US Navy
First Admiral Dato' Nasri Adam
Head of Eastern Peninsula Region
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)
Captain Caesar Bernard N. Valencia PN(GSC) Operations Officer
Operations Officer, Philippine Fleet
Republic of Philippine Navy
Captain Martin A. Sebastian
Centre Head / Fellow Centre for Maritime Security and Diplomacy (CMSD)
Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA)
Jesse Pascasio
Chief of Strategic Plans and Communications Unit
National Coast Watch Council - Secretariat

Enhancing the Versatility of OPV and Corvette Capabilities for Diverse Maritime Operations 

The 5th Annual OPVs & Corvettes Asia Pacific 2015 will bring you the latest discussion topics surrounding the roles of OPVs and corvettes, and how navies and coast guards are enhancing the versatility of their fleets for diverse maritime operations from SAR to counter-piracy. 

Featuring senior and key military officials from the region and beyond, OPVs & Corvettes Asia Pacific 2015 is not only the only conference in Asia dedicated to the planning of requirements and procurement of YOUR naval capabilities, gaining operational perspectives and best practices on the use of OPVs and corvettes in maritime operations, but also the ideal platform for industry stakeholders to discuss and learn the latest strategies in enhancing naval fleet capabilities.

What’s New this Year?

Regional navies and coast guards are split between maintaining and upgrading their existing aging fleets with armament, buying new OPVs and buying new corvettes. Which is the best way forward for each country? 

Having identified the common set of challenges for naval platforms and fleet operations in Asia planning to enhance their naval fleets, we have secured both regional and international military officials to share their experiences and expertise in capability development, maritime operations and the practical use of OPVs and corvettes for both Navies and Coast Guards in the region.

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