The 6th annual OPV & Corvettes Asia Pacific conference is back this year.

After 5 years of providing a premier platform for military officials from navies and coast guards to discuss critical issues surrounding the procurement, maintenance, and operational requirements for offshore patrol vessel (OPV), corvettes, and frigates, we are back with a far more comprehensive, quality-led and value driven programme.

The 6th annual OPV & Corvettes Asia Pacific 2016 will bring you the latest discussion topics surrounding topics surrounding the challenges and procurement plans of OPVs, corvettes and frigates, and how navies and coast guards are enhancing the versatility of their fleets for diverse maritime operations from counter-piracy to SAR missions.

Regional and international military officials are expected to share their experiences and expertise in capability requirements, maintenance strategies, best practices of the practical use of OPVs, corvettes and frigates for both Navies and Coast guards in the region.

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